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sUAS (Drone) Data Capture

True Grid offers sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system, i.e. drone) sensor data capture services including aerial imagery, elevation models, gas detection, and general site photography and videography.

sUAS flights allow real-time and near-real-time data capture and viewing while increasing safety by removing personnel from the site of leaks and unecessary work at heights!

  • Aerial Imagery - High-resolution imagery with positional accuracy matching GPS/GNSS grades (recreational/mapping/survey). This imagery can function as a near real-time product due to a short turn-around and is faster and cheaper than airplane and satellite tasking for small to medium areas.

    • Applications - High-resolution imagery of construction progress, final pad layouts, disturbance boundaries prior to reclamation, and in-trench pipelines prior to backfill

  • Elevation - Point cloud output files and digital elevation model rasters

    • Applications - Volumetric estimation and change monitoring for pad construction projects, SPCC containment calculations, hydrologic flow modeling

  • Gas Detection - Detection, quantification, and digital capture of gas leak events using unmanned aircraft allowing safer and multiple-altitude and angle detection

    • Applications - OOOOOA detection monitoring, emergency stray gas leak discovery

  • Photography/Videography - General photography and videography

    • Applications - Site status photos, promotional photos and videos

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