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Our Story

Josh Shirley started True Grid LLC after 14 years in various GIS roles at several Oil and Gas E&P companies.  During that time he worked up from a GIS Technologist to a Data Acquisition Manager, supporting basins in 8 states and 3 Canadian provinces, while working on Engineering, Regulatory, Environmental, and IT teams.  This experience combined with a strong work ethic allowed him to develop an in-depth understanding of the business, operational, and technological processes employed in the development and operation of an oil and gas asset from permitting and drilling a well all the way through to the custody transfer of the final commodity.  It became clear to Josh that geospatial technology was not only crucial every step of the way, but could add tremendous additional value.  However, there was a gap in data preventing companies from realizing the full potential of GIS.  What existed on the ground was incomplete in the company GIS and the typical consultants employed for data collection often lacked the combination of field AND GIS expertise to deliver accurate, timely, and complete datasets.  True Grid LLC was started to solve this problem.

At True Grid high-accuracy collection is accomplished efficiently and economically by using the latest in GPS/GNSS technology paired with cloud-based mobile applications.  This system is further combined with GIS expertise in the design and delivery of datasets to end-customers, and the result is accurate, timely, and complete data in your company GIS, every time!  True Grid also offers a full array of Enterprise and Desktop GIS services giving further insight into the location intelligence inherent in your complete geospatial datasets.

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