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  Data Collection

True Grid offers high-accuracy GPS/GNSS data collection services ensuring that your field assets and the surrounding environmental features are captured at the appropriate accuracy to meet internal needs and state and federal regulatory requirements.

Scalable collection accuracy can be determined per project and ensures that we meet your specific data needs efficiently and economically!

Accuracy options:

  • Recreational-grade - At sub-meter accuracy, this collection grade is appropriate for features with less precise positional requirements such as natural features and environmental best-management practices.

    • Examples - Stream centerlines or reclamation, stormwater management features

  • Mapping-grade - This option yields data with sub-foot accuracy for when locational precision is needed for analysis and reporting purposes.

    • Examples - NPMS, COGCC Form 44, and state One Call pipeline features; disturbance boundaries for CDPHE stormwater mapping and COGCC Form 2A reporting purposes

  • Survey-grade - With this pinpoint accuracy option, the data matches that of base-station, RTK, and RTN corrected traditional land surveys, yet at a lower cost and with a shorter turn-around time.

    • Examples - Pipeline construction diagrams and well surface location coordinates for COGCC Form 5 reporting, surface locations for directional well surveys

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