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Desktop GIS Services

True Grid offers a broad array of GIS desktop analysis; data gathering, creation, editing, and QA/QC work; mapping; and drafting services.

For when you need professional and consistent cartographic  and data products for your internal, corporate, and regulatory requirements!

  • Analysis - Geospatial analysis and geoprocessing yielding crucial location intelligence to your operation

    • Examples - Well proximity and frac hit potential determination, DOT pipeline classification, pipeline least cost path routing, radio tower placement viewshed analysis

  • Data - GIS and CAD data gathering and centralization from source organizations, creation, editing, and QA/QC workflows

    • Examples - Search, discovery, and centralization of state oil and gas data for use in mapping and analysis; structure feature creation and update from imagery; pad/site disturbance boundary digitization; quality checks and updates to data gathered from mulitiple sources and file types

  • Cartography - Professional map creation and output based on your specific requirements

    • Examples - COGCC Form 44 diagrams, field operation
      maps, leasehold and competitor position maps

  • Drafting - CAD drafting services for True Grid collected GPS/GNSS data

    • Examples - As-built diagrams, pipeline alignment sheets, site layouts, SPCC drawings

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